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Ancestors of Charles Robert PUCKETT II

Fourteenth Generation

15872. George BONHAM was born in 1604 in Essex, England. He died on 28 Apr 1704. He married Mary BISHOP. George was born in 1604. [Parents]

15873. Mary BISHOP.


16096. Johannes DE LA MONTAGNIE was born in 1595 in Saintes, France. He died in 1670 in New York. He married Rachael DEFOREST on 12 Dec 1626 in Leyden, Holland.

16097. Rachael DEFOREST was born in 1609 in Holland. She died in 1643 in New York. [Parents]


16098. Isaac VERMILYE was born in 1601 in Leyden, , Holland. He died in Harlem, , NY. He married Jacomena JACOBS. [Parents]

16099. Jacomena JACOBS died in Harlem, , NY.


16100. Ide VAN HUYSE.Ide married Tryntie JACONS.

16101. Tryntie JACONS.


16102. Thys Jan Laenen VAN PELT was born in Belgium.


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