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Hi. Thanks for dropping by.  I'm Bob Puckett.   My wife Jane and I  live in the midst of farms and hill country in rural Union County, Pennsylvania.  It is a beautiful place to live with lots of trees, farms, history and beautiful architecture.  We love the area and it's history.

Beginnings:  In 1976, I began working on my genealogy as a hobby. I had no idea where to look for information, not a clue what information was available, and I had no idea who or where many of my early family members were. Back then, there were only a few ways to research away from home: by letter, by microfilm at the local library, and by sending money to an agency requesting a search.  While doing all this, I quickly found myself out of money and ambition due to the lack of results. So I packed away my research for some future time.  Then, in 1999, after a 22year hiatus, my daughter wanted to go to a cemetery and check out some old grave markers for a project she was doing for school. I took her out to the cemetery in lower Luzerne county where my grandmother was buried.  

While I was there... I met a woman who asked who I was looking for.  So, while my daughter wandered around the cemetery, I conversed  with this lady and soon found out three very important facts:

1. She was related to just about everyone buried there. (As was I.)

2. She too was a genealogist and had almost all their information right back to the immigrants.

3. She was willing to share her information. 


I thought that was pretty exciting turn of events!  She led me to the Internet where I found a whole world of genealogy that I never knew existed, even though I had been on the "net" before it was "The Internet".  Since then I've been able to trace almost all my ancestors back to the immigrants and some even further.  Except for a few of the inevitable "Brick Walls" that everyone has at one time or another, the Internet has enabled me to do very well at getting names to research.

    During this research, I've gathered a ton of collaterals.  None of them are listed here but I will mention the Surnames for anyone who wants to contact me. I have included a few pictures of the BARRALL, BONHAM, and PUCKETT families and some related family members. Some are old, and some not so old.  Feel free to browse.


Credits! I am indebted to my friends who are involved with genealogy and I really do appreciate each and every one.   I am especially indebted to my good friend "Tigger" who's honest questions made me realize my need to learn stuff I didn't really want to know.  I must say, I still haven't learned it, but I found ways to work around it. 

    Most of all, I am indebted to my loving wife Jane who shares my enthusiasm for research and is much more organized, resourceful and clever than I. She keeps me focused and on-track and I love her dearly.  I am eternally indebted to her and in awe of her insight and ability to remove the clutter and shoot straight to the heart of a problem via the most direct and effective route.  I wish I had her power of discernment.

    For those of you who might be wondering who that lady I met in the Cemetery was... She is my cousin and friend Linda and I thank her for all her help and inspiration.

Thank You!

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